All your support resources, one gorgeous widget.

Updates, roadmap, bugs, FAQs, chat and scheduling at your customers fingertips.

Less support requests, more time for your business.

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Embeddable widget

Install in-app or on your website so users can get updates in context, dive throught your knowledge center and roadmap, open new bugs and chat with you

Standalone page

Public page with custom appearance and SEO optimization

All your support resources in one place

Product Updates

Announce important news, latest updates, special offers and more with an easy to use notification center and changelog service.


Collect, manage and respond to feature requests and feedback from your customers. Within the in-app widget or in a standalone page.

Bugs tracking

Collect, manage and track down all the bugs within your webapp. Get instant notification on Telegram or your Slack Channel.

Knowledge center

Give your customers in-app access to your knowledge center. Organize in one place your tutorials, FAQs and articles!

Chat with your Users

Let the users seamlessy contact you within the Widget itself using your existing Chat App.

Let them book a Demo

Let the users book a demo or an appointment with our Calendly integration.

It works with your existing tools!

Telegram Calendly Drift Intercom Crisp

But wait! There is more...

  • Use Emojis and Markdown

    Enrich every Text with Emoji and Markdown.

  • Istant Notifications

    Get instantly notified on your Telegram or Slack Channel by every new feature request or opened bug.

  • One account, multiple Products

    Manage multiple Products within the same account.

  • Upvotes and Comments

    Let registered Users upvote and post comments on Updates, Features, Bugs and Articles.

A simple price.

7 Days free Trial - No credit card required


0 €

product / month

Unlimited support resources

Brand and Colors customization

Multiple accounts (Team members) support

Updates popup support

Images/Videos upload support

Custom domain

Watermark free



25 €

product / month

Unlimited support resources

Brand and Colors customization

Multiple accounts (team members) support NEW!

Updates popup support NEW!

Images/Videos upload support (1 GB)

Custom domain

Watermark Free

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